Are you a college student that thinks Alzheimer's sucks? Join HFC U to help KICK ALZ IN THE BALLZ!

HFC U is a nationwide program that encourages and supports college groups to throw their very own Hilarity for Charity events to raise awareness and much needed funds for fighting Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, to supporting an amazing cause, the school that raises the most money for HFC U wins a campus visit from Seth Rogen.

To date, HFC U has raised over $250,000 to support Hilarity for Charity!

The next HFC U contest will kick off on February 1, 2017! You can sign up now on our CrowdRise page, and the school that raises the most money between February 1 – April 9, 2017 will receive a campus visit from Seth Rogen!

Congratulations to 2015-16 winners of HFC U, the University of Vermont! The UVM Pikes and Alpha Chi Omegas won HFC U for the 3rd year in a row and have now met Seth THREE times and saw advanced screenings of Neighbors and PREACHER, and got to watch Seth and Chris Mintz-Plasse do a live commentary of Superbad!

Shout out to our past HFC U top three teams for being so awesome and helping to KICK ALZ IN THE BALLZ:

2016 – University of Vermont Pi Kappa Alpha & Alpha Chi Omega, Ohio State University and Florida State University

2015 – University of Vermont Pi Kappa Alpha & Alpha Chi Omega, University of Virginia Sigma Kappa & Hoos for Memory and UC Berkeley

2014 – University of Vermont Pi Kappa Alpha, Santa Clara University and University of Arizona

For your chance to meet Seth Rogen and win awesome prizes like an HFC U t-shirt, signed poster, personalized video from Seth AND MORE, the 2016-17 HFC U contest will start on February 1.  To learn more, email us at hfcu@hilarityforcharity.org or sign up at our CrowdRise page.

How Exactly Does It All Work?

Hilarity for Charity will provide the basic elements, support and structure necessary for college students (including fraternities, sororities, student organizations, leadership groups, groups of friends, individuals, etc.) to host their own fundraising event on their campus.

What type of events are HFC U events?

You can do anything you want to raise money for HFC U, and if your group already has an existing fundraiser, we would be thrilled if you turned it into an HFC U event! If you need some ideas, we are pleased to provide basic instructions and guidelines for throwing your very own:
Variety Show
Kick Alz in the Ballz Kickball Tournament
Instagram Scavenger Hunt
Other event supporting Hilarity for Charity

After you start your team and choose your event, we will send you your fundraising toolkit to help ensure your event is a success! Some things we’ll provide:
A physical toolkit with some awesome HFC swag to get you started
Digital files – official logos and written materials including fliers, posters, banners, etc.
A welcome video from Seth Rogen for you to play at your event.
Guidelines and suggestions for throwing your event.
Customized online fundraising webpage through our fundraising partner, CrowdRise.

We are are here to help every step of the way as you plan your HFC U event!

Contact Us to Learn More!

Don’t forget…Alzheimer’s sucks!