Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Alzheimer’s affects many people, young and old. The stories below tell about individual relationships with loved ones and the effects that Alzheimer’s has had on them and their family.
  • Dawn Vance, mother living with Lewy Body Dementia

    “They don’t tell you how to deal with the crushing realisation that she’s never even going to be able to phone you again, let alone see you get married or be a grandmother to your kids.”

  • Beth Morris, mother living with Alzheimer’s

    “Can I confess something? Sometimes I am jealous of other women.”

  • Sara McBride, mother living with Alzheimer’s

    “ Who could be happy finding out that kind of news? Her whole life, everything she had worked for wasn’t going to last much longer and she knew that.”

  • Rob Contois, father passed away from Alzheimer’s

    “My mom looked at me with sadness…her partner of 50+ years was slipping away from her and there wasn’t anything that any of us could do about it…”

  • Brian Sciarabba, Sister passed away from Frontotemporal Lobe Dementia at age 36

    “I just stood there, heart racing 1000 miles a minutes, sweating, crying and in disbelief. How can my little sister have dementia? She is not old? Why not me? What happens now?”

  • Molly Rubin, mother passed away from Alzheimer’s

    “The diagnosis was both my worst fear for my mom and a bitter acknowledgement that indeed all these beautiful traits of my mother upon which my memory stubbornly insisted had existed. It was a disease that was dismantling the best of her. Without Alzheimer’s, she would have had the chance to evolve into an equally […]

  • Jacob Weber

    “But the woman who had helped shape all these experiences and lives was unraveling so steadily that, ten years later, all but her humor are nearly gone; and can hardly compete with the impatient, fearful infant she’s become – devouring her grandkids’ ice cream, heedless of our exhortations about how upset they’ll be.”

  • Justin Gordon Meltzer, grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s

    “We went to a little store on the Upper Westside of New York City and she was trying on watches. She got very frustrated but wouldn’t tell me why. I realized she had lost the ability to tell time, something that a six year old child could do.”

  • Jeff Fourney, father living with Alzheimer’s

    “My father is one-of-a-kind. Anybody who knows my pops has a story about him…a truly unique man, kind and generous with an amazing sense of humor. He also has Alzheimer’s.”